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"Naturally You" - Holistic Health and Beauty - Inside and Out

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Working to relieve the stress and tension of 21st century living, in a natural, holistic way. Helping you to look and feel better, inside and out. Using a selection of therapies, individually or combined, to achieve the ultimate treatment for a unique experience; tailor made for the individual. I will advise you on the treatment most suitable for your needs.
Foot Reflexology, Facial Reflexology, Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage, Clinical Reflexology and Zone Face Lift with Marie West (MAR)
Also Bio-Energy Healing and Reiki level 3 Master.
Reflexology, Bio-Energy and Reiki are all about moving and balancing energy. The more balanced we are, the healthier we are. These are safe, natural treatments that work with the body, to activate the innate healing response and achieve optimum health and wellbeing.
They are ancient therapies that are becoming more popular and have stood the test of time. Reflexology is recognised by the NHS and used alongside modern medicine.
I am a member of the
Association of Reflexology (MAR)
Complimentary Medical Association (CMA).
Complimentary Therapists Association (CThA)
Marie is not just an ordinary reflexologist but the practitioner of a number of therapies which allow her to treat her clients in a holistic way. She is an honest, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable therapist who has always done her best for me and advised alternatives if her own resources have been exhausted ( which is not often). I have been seeing Marie for nearly 20 years, primarily for the management of a liver condition deemed as 'untreatable' by modern medicine. So far, so good, and I would recommend seeing Marie for any similar condition. If she cannot help, she would let you know. I regard my monthly appointment as essential to my wellbeing.
Gail from Wokingham
Tropic Skincare
I am a Tropic Ambassador and use and sell Tropic products, which are a natural alternative; a fresh and green vegan company, promoting cleaner health and beauty. These products feed and nurture your skin and are very effective with eczema, rosacea and ageing. The products, including makeup, are freshly made and do not include alcohol, formaldehydes, gluten, lanolin, nan particles, parabens, palm oil and many more. They are natural products that compliment my natural treatments.

By Clicking on the Link for
Tropic you will be taken to my page on their website where you can purchase all of their products.
Qualifications and Insurance
I qualified for Reflexology with The Oxford School of Reflexology in 1999 and have been a full member of the Association of Reflexologists ever since.

I qualified for Bio-Energy with Michael D’Alton in 2004, which I am also qualified to teach. I am constantly updating my skills, with continual professional development (CPD), which includes Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage and Zone Face Lift.

I qualified with The Jennifer Young Training School for Oncology Reflexology in 2022.

I have continued with my Professional Development yearly. I have worked voluntarily for Macmillan and The Sue Ryder Duchess of Kent Hospice in Reading.

I was formerly The Head of Wellbeing working in a nursing home where I used my therapies on the residents.

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Telephone: 07949 909116
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