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Marie suggested that I needed Bio Energy, as my energy levels were down, and I was feeling that I needed a pick me up. Even with the first treatment I reacted to it extremely quickly. I had lots of visions of the past, whilst I was having the treatment, going back to when I was a child, all happy memories, and saw lots of my father, who passed away in 1996. It was lovely to see him and I felt very at ease, whilst all of these visions and memories were happening. I was seated having my treatment and then Marie got me to stand, and I felt that I was swaying from side to side and then felt I was being pushed forward, even though she was not touching me. Towards the end of the treatment I did feel very tearful and very emotional, as everything was being released. After the session I felt like a new person, lots of energy and felt truly amazing, a very strong feeling of wellbeing, and I felt like a weight had been lifted from me. Such a wonderful treatment for the mind and body.
Charlotte Townley, Fleet
I am writing this because I feel that Marie’s professionalism and knowledge is of a really high level, and I want anyone thinking of using her services to know they are in safe hands. I have been lucky enough to enjoy both foot reflexology, Face reflexology and your amazing Zone Face Lifts. I always feel so rested, but also energized at the same time. Reflexology is utterly amazing and is certainly part of my ongoing health regimen. My skin is so radiant that people often comment, and even after the course finished, my skin and face shape still looks much younger than 57 years. I shall continue to use your Tropic products to keep it going and because they smell so nice. I am so pleased I made the call to you, see you soon.
Caroline D, Hartley Wintney
I started my Bio-energy sessions with Marie after being recommended to the treatment by a friend. I have had an amazing experience, relieving a lot of emotions and past injuries that I never resolved. Marie worked her magic and now all the past injuries are no longer recurring, they would flare up when I was tired or stressed, and now I need not worry. Something unexpected was the emotional journey I experienced. The healing sessions have really helped me relieve a lot of built up anger that I didn’t even know was an issue! I feel wonderfully refreshed after the sessions and every session has been phenomenal. Marie’s expertise, understanding and dedication have made every session extremely worth while and cost effective. I would thoroughly recommend Marie for any health issues, injuries or emotional stress.
Pamela Jones, Bishops Waltham
I have been having reflexology sessions with Marie for over 12 years and they have certainly improved my general wellbeing and stress levels. She is very knowledgeable and I always feel benefits from her treatments.
GB, Wokingham
Marie is a wonderful and natural healer and therapist. She has such a broad range of knowledge and experience. She made me feel so relaxed, safe and nurtured. I would highly recommend a visit to her.
Joy Rose, Swallowfield
I have had facial reflexology and Zone Face Lift with Marie, I found it deeply relaxing and afterwards my skin looked glowing and lifted. It is much better than a normal facial and I got some compliments on my skin. In recent times I have had distant Bio-energy with Marie, which was phenomenal. I was aware of her working with my energy, as I am a healer myself. The end result was that I felt confident, energized and positive. She inspired me to move forward. There has never been such a need for these treatments as now.
Jane Meakin, Hartley Wintney
I have only known Marie West for a few years, but she has made a lasting impression on me. As a client, I know Marie is professionally skilled and experienced. She has a sensitive soul, is warm, welcoming and wise. She listens with understanding and is compassionate. She has the ability to connect with your energy field, and puts you at ease and makes you comfortable. Marie’s work ethic is exemplary. Marie’s healing therapy sessions have helped me in many ways, physically and emotionally.
Corinda Hall, Basingstoke