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Calms the nervous system and induces relaxation, helping combat the effects of stress and anxiety and depression.

Unfortunately, today stress is directly linked to 75% of all illness and disorders.
Reflexology works holistically to balance the body both mentally and physically, thus bringing about an improved state of equilibrium and wellbeing. This is achieved by gently working acupressure points on the face or feet, which will stimulate the body’s innate healing abilities and restore balance. Balance = Health. Clients often report that they are very thirsty and start to drink lots of water, they notice a difference in their sleep patterns, energy levels, feel calmer, more able to cope and sometimes feel like they have been on holiday. Feet are very sensitive, like the face, but obviously different, as there are over 7,000 nerve endings in the feet.
Some benefits of Reflexology:
  • Calm the mind and balance the body
  • Lower stress levels and promote relaxation
  • Improve wellbeing
  • Revitalise energy
  • Improve circulation
  • Improve elimination and remove toxins
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21st Century living is stressful for everybody, it is fast paced and detrimental to our wellbeing, which leads to dis-ease. Reflexology is an ideal antidote, as it slows and calms everything down, mentally and physically. We can all benefit from the young to the old, as we are all impacted by stress and strain. Which has a negative impact on your health and wellbeing.
A Reflexologist does not claim to diagnose or cure medical conditions It is not a substitute for conventional medicine, or am I implying that reflexology treatments are superior to those of a GP.
However a treatment can facilitate the body’s own healing processes which may bring relief from symptoms of many conditions.

For more information on Reflexology please visit the AoR
Reflexology is suitable for all people of all ages. A treatment will be adapted to suit a client’s individual needs.
Facial Reflexology
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Works along the same principals as the feet. Working acupressure points on the face, which reflect and stimulate the whole body, promoting the body’s innate healing response. Facial reflexology is close to the brain and central nervous system and can be more effective for head and neck problems. The reflex points connect to the body’s neural pathways, affecting rapid response when stimulated. Facial reflexology is profoundly relaxing and sends most people to sleep, or at least puts them into a tranquil state.
Foot Reflexology
Is an ancient healing art/modality that has been around for nearly 5,000 years.’ Practised by Egyptian, Chinese and Indian cultures. I started off with reflexology 20 years ago and have since carried on with Continual Professional Development to tailor make and blend my treatments, for the unique individual. I combine Reflexology Lymphatic drainage, Coronal Zone Reflex therapy and Reiki. This all depends on what you, the client, need.
The feet are very sensitive and as previously stated, have around 7,000 nerve endings in them. When stimulated they release a surge of endorphins (feel good hormones) that activate our parasympathetic nervous system, which slows us down and relaxes us. Once the body is relaxed, it can start to repair and renew itself.
I use a gentle pressure to stimulate acupressure points and affect change and movement in energy flow. This is working reflex points in energy lines, known as Meridians, which reflect the whole body and its relevant organs.
This treatment is deeply relaxing and affects you mentally and physically, moving your energy and balancing your body. It is cumulative, so to get the best results I recommend that you have 4 weekly treatments, followed by a monthly top up. But this depends on your requirements.
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Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD)
RLD is a ground-breaking technique focusing on stimulating the Lymphatic system which underpins the body’s ability to heal and stay healthy. Initially pioneered by Sally Kay, for breast cancer patients suffering secondary Lymphoedema in the arm or both arms. The treatment was found to significantly reduce the volume of swelling.
I was trained by Sally Kay in 2017 and as such I am listed as a practitioner on her website
Reflexology Lymph Drainage follows the Lymphatic reflexes on the feet to encourage the movement of lymph around the body.
This specialist technique can not only benefit sufferers of Lymphoedema but can help reduce the symptoms of many other conditions. Those suffering from auto immune disorders from ME to eczema and Fibromyalgia and muscular skeletal pain have reported improvements after RLD. An increase in energy levels is also a benefit and RLD can be useful to help aid post operative recovery. Most people can benefit from this technique.

The effects of RLD before

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and after a treatment.

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The client said her hand was “far more flexible, much less painful and smaller.”