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Energy Healing


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This is a natural, but powerful healing modality, where the practitioner uses a series of hand movements around the client, to relax them, increase the flow of energy and bring blockages in their energy field to the surface.

The blocks are then released and the natural flow of energy is restored. The practitioner will then balance and ground the client to complete the treatment.

Most of this treatment is given whilst the client is standing, as the energy is much stronger, however, the client does get to sit down for part of it.
This can be adapted depending on the individual circumstances, for example if somebody is in bed or cannot stand up.
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A typical Bio-Energy Healing session takes place over 4 consecutive weeks, with a follow up session after one month, or over 4 consecutive days, with a follow up after one month.
Bio-energy is non-invasive, there is minimal touch and the client remains fully clothed.
Depending on the nature of a person’s condition, how serious it is, and how long they have had it, some clients may require a second course of treatments.

We are so much more than just a physical body, there is a magical world of energy, which literally influences all areas of our lives. Bio-Energy will awaken your consciousness through the chakra system, which will stimulate the body’s innate healing abilities. Energy balancing will affect you on all levels and can change your life.
A short Bio-Energy Healing video featuring Michael D’Alton.

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Everything in the universe is energy, we are born with an abundance of energy, which we are able to replenish, but as we get older, it is not so easy to replace used energy. The result is a lack of energy, which can cause ill health. Working with energy to reverse, or at least mitigate this loss will help to restore balance. Reiki draws energy from the universe through the hands of the practitioner to achieve a re-balancing of life force energy. Achieving balance restores a feeling of contentment and connectedness to everything around us.
A treatment session takes place with the client laying down and the practitioner with hands on or just above the body, with a series of movements, that lasts around an hour. This can be a one-off treatment or a set, depending on the person’s condition. It is very relaxing, and most people will go to sleep or be deeply relaxed.
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The difference between Bio-Energy and Reiki is that Bio-Energy will remove and transmute energy, removing blocks; it is stronger and I feel more powerful; it is accumulative, as it works in a set. Reiki is more gentle, calming and relaxing. Reiki, in my opinion is more healing, whereas Bio-Energy is more life changing and transforming. Like shaking up a snow globe for complete transformation.
I have changed people’s lives with Bio-Energy and I have worked in Palliative care with Reiki to help people pass over peacefully.
But they are both about moving and balancing energy. Over the last 50 years, physicists have been investigating matter, and have come to the conclusion that, underlying all matter, in all forms, is energy. This energy vibrates at different rates, and it is because of this, that a rock is more dense and solid than a human body. In Eastern philosophy the idea that everything is formed from one energy source is very important, especially when it comes to working with energy. Even more so, now that we have Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) to contend with.
It is vital to look after your energy and do what you can to achieve and maintain balance for optimum health and wellbeing.