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Zone Face Lift

A brilliant new facial treatment being hailed by many as a credible alternative to Botox

A unique fusion of Facial Reflexology, ancient healing techiques, pressure point massage, lymphatic drainage, advanced face lift massage, acupressure facial therapy, specialist facial tools including Gua Sha, quartz crystal and rollers
Zone Face Lift (ZFL) which compliments facial reflexology and Indian Head Massage is also included in my list of treatments.
This is a lot more than a facial, as it incorporates spirituality and holistic healing, working deeply to lift and tone the skin along with your spirits and wellbeing, so that you not only look better, but feel better in yourself.
This is an exclusive, natural, anti-ageing facial treatment. It was pioneered by holistic beauty expert, Ziggie Bergman.
This award-winning treatment utilises the most effective ancient and modern face lifting massage and specialist tools, which include rollers and Gua Sha.
The results are accumulative; but can be seen after the first treatment.
It works by promoting the production of collagen and elastin, which improves skin tone and appearance in the face and neck. This lifts and tightens by reducing congestion and stimulating elimination. This is a natural alternative to dermal fillers and Botox and aids lymphatic drainage, which improves circulation. Eventually this will result in a smooth, bright and more even complexion. ZFL can help with TMJ, rosacea, migraines, sinus congestion, bruxism and many more.
A course of 12 treatments is recommended for the best results, but most clients will see a difference within 3 to 4 treatments. ZFL can help you look your best for important life events, such as your wedding.